Horizon Fitness EX-57 Elliptical Trainer Review

Horizon Fitness EX-57 elliptical trainer can bring the fitness center into your house and enjoy an effective, high-caliber workout, which functions your legs as well as your upper physique. Excellent for rigorous coaching routines, the EX-57 provides an eight-level electronic resistance program, as well as a heavy 14-pound flywheel that maintains pedal and arm momentum when offering a smooth, quiet operation.

ar more considerably from a user point of view, it delivers nine goal-oriented programs. You are able to pick one particular of 3 unique objectives (time, distance, and calories) and one particular of 3 terrains (manual, reverse train, and hills). The crisp LCD screen, meanwhile, presents key workout feedback, helping you develop an efficient coaching regimen.

Horizon employs a heavy-duty flywheel that delivers continuous velocity, so as your feet move the pedals, the flywheel’s momentum carries you via the total motion. Because of this, the trainer feels pretty all-natural and not at all choppy. Plus, the flywheel is really quiet, generating the trainer excellent for property use. Horizon also applies a magnetic brake to the flywheel, creating additional constant resistance in the course of a workout.

The Horizon EX75 features an excellent all-natural stride length that could accommodate most lengthy legged elliptical customers without having a problem. The resistance is comparatively smooth consequently in the magnetic braking technique. In accordance with the manufacture performance is enhanced by a bigger and heavier flywheel. The momentum made keeps the handlebars and pedals action relatively smooth.

Heart rate monitoring on the Horizon fitness EX-57 elliptical trainer is performed on a second set of handles. This is a poor setup. For the money a telemetric heart monitor must have already been included as opposed to creating it an option. The choice consists of a compatible chest worn heart monitor. Once again this can be commonly common gear on elliptical trainers that expense a $1000.00 or much more.

EX75 elliptical trainers poorest feature is its pc console. Numerous owners have complained about the excellent with the hardware. Every little thing from loose wiring, noisy built in fan, speakers that either do not work or are loose within the console. On the good side we liked the number of programmable resistance levels (20) along with the ten preset workout applications included. Some the elliptical programs will flat beat you up using a great routine.

Setting up and assembling the Horizon fitness EX-57 elliptical trainer was relative effortless, nonetheless the directions were extremely poor. The exact same directions are utilized for two other older models the EX65 and EX55. Some important assembly info was omitted from the text. In no way the much less we had it up and running in about 75 minutes. The EX75 elliptical features a smaller sized footprint and using the base wheels we did not possess a predicament moving it about. As with all elliptical trainers you must be web page height conscious. They nearly all demand a minimum of eight feet of overhead clearance.